Kayla Mae
Chapter Co-Owner

Kayla has been LARPing since turning 13 and has never looked back. She has become one of the most recognized chapter owners in Texas and is dedicating all her efforts into producing the Premier LARP Experience in Texas and beyond.

Collin Tasker
Chapter Co-Owner & Plot Staff

Collin has burst on to the NERO Texas plot team and thrown all his effort into high quality RP and story.  With dynamic NPCs coupled with a focus on personal plot, he is a force to be reckoned with.


Martin McCarthy
Head of Plot

A longtime veteran of NERO in Texas, Martin is running plot for the 2018 NERO Texas season. He brings many great ideas and a slew of supporting people to cement NERO Texas in the forefront of Texas LARP.

Sharon McCarthy
Plot Staff

Sharon is another NERO veteran with many years experience in the game. She runs NPC Camp to ensure there’s always something going on while also writing plot for the 2018 season.

David Heyen
Plot Staff / Rules Marshall

David is one of the most dedicated NPC and Plot members you could meet.  He’s very good at writing challenging plot and has an excellent understanding of the NERO rules. He is also the owner of our sister chapter, NERO Legends.

James Burdine
Plot Adviser

James Burdine is a 20 year veteran of the game. He’s run multiple events on the local and regional level in both Pennsylvania and Texas. In his spare time, he raises 3 kids and is a singer/songwriter.


Mason Scheer
Head Rules Marshal

 Mason is a longtime veteran of NERO with many events under his belt.  He has a deep understanding of how NERO works and a desire to constantly improve and learn more.  After a year of being a marshal, he was promoted to Head of Rules and fills the role excellently.

Matthew Lyle
Player Liaison

Easy to get along with and trustworthy, Matt is a natural choice for Player Liaison. He’s an expert at resolving conflicts and making sure everyone is represented. And in-game, he’s impossible not to see because he’s the most brightly lit character there!


Jacob Miller
Logistics Manager

Doing logistics can be a thankless job, but Jacob handles it incredibly well. Highly organized and on top of everything, Jacob makes sure everyone gets their items, gold, and character sheets at check-in.  NERO Texas wouldn’t run nearly as smooth without him.