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    Relaunching of the NERO Texas Home Page!

    Welcome new and old to the relaunching of the dedicated homepage to the Texas Chapter of NERO LARP! More details will be added as well as In Game and Out of Game announcements, with specific markers indicating as such!

    We have partnered with a few players, and they will be taking over the web dev side as well as photography! They will begin the process of updating us to the modern age!

    We will be adding all downloadable material, organized and updated to our servers, to make the experience is as simple as possible for registration and creation of the character.

    Please, once again, be kind as we move through this transition and get integration 100%. If you have any questions, please redirect them to our official Facebook page at this following URL:

    Thank you all for bearing with us as we strive to make NERO Texas the best LARP in the south!

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